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When Golden Country first opened in 1980, we made a strong commitment to support and empower the communities we serve and in which we have a business presence. We have continually followed this commitment by contributing substantial time and resources to charitable, philanthropic and worthy causes.

For Example

We have been awarded the Community Empowerment Award for working with a local social service agency in hiring and training newly arrived immigrants;

We have sponsored various community events in an effort to bring awareness of the Asian community to the community at large;

We have sponsored food related shows on public television in an effort to promote ethnic cuisines;

We have donated food and made charitable contributions to the underprivileged and to those in need;

We have underwritten events so that Asians in the area can find a sense of community with others from their homeland.

Among the many worthy causes Golden Country has and/or continues to support:

  • Chinatown Dragons Basketball Athletic Association
  • Chinese Mutual Aid Association
  • Chicago’s Chinatown Dragon Boat Race
  • Chicago’s Chinatown 5k Run
  • Chinese American Service League
  • Chinese American Service League Senior Citizens Programs
  • Chicago’s Chinatown Chamber of Commerce
  • China Star’s Chinese Chef’s Demonstration
  • WTTW Public Television Channel 11’s Check Please!
  • North American Chinese Basketball Tournament
  • Taste of Thailand’s Tsunami Relief Benefit
  • Filipino American Hall of Fame and Fil-Am Television
  • Thai Restaurant Association of Illinois
  • Philippine Chamber of Commerce
  • Philippine American Chamber of Commerce
  • Asian American Hall of Fame
  • Chicago’s Chinese-American Museum Foundation
  • Dream Halloween for Children Affected by Aids
  • Recipe for Relief (a culinary event to benefit hurricane survivors)
  • Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Corporate Internship Program

For its work, Golden Country and its employees individually and collectively have received numerous accolades and awards.

Among these awards are:

  • Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Chicago Special Member
  • Chinese Mutual Aid Association Community Empowerment Awardee
  • Philippine Chamber of Commerce Awardee
  • Philippine American Chamber of Commerce Business Partner of the Year
  • Asian American Hall of Fame Supporter
  • Asian American Coalition Community Service Award
  • State of Illinois Asian-American Advisory Council
  • Chinese American Service League Advisory Council