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Mainland China
Hong Kong
Malaysia, Indonesia


Importer, Distributor, and Wholesaler of Asian, Oriental, Caribbean and African Food Products
Golden Country Oriental Foods L.L.C.

Golden Country supplies a large inventory of Asian, Oriental, African and Caribbean foods, spices, and more to grocery stores all over the U.S. Below are some of the products that we provide. Choose a country to the left to view products, or search our site using our convenient search function.

ABC Soys
Ajays Palm Oils
Arroy-D Fruit and Milk Products
Asian Home Gourmet
Barrio Fiesta Bagoong
Bestate Siopao
Big Bamboo Drinks
Black and White Condensed Milk
Blue Mountain Sauces
Botan Rice
Boy Bawang
Bruce Cost Drinks
Calbee Shrimp Chips
Carabao Energy Drinks
Caribbean Food Delights Jamaican Patties
Century Tuna Products
Chaokoh Products
Chef Bowl Products
Chef Choice Products
Chin Chin Drinks
Coco Rico Drinks
Companion Products
Conching Snacks
Contempo Gyoza and Shumai
Culver Duck Products
D & D Bell Products
D & G Sodas
Datu Puti Products
Dole Pineapple Products
Eaton's Carribbean Products
Erawan (Three Elephants) Products
Excellent Bihon and Canton
Excelsior Crackers
Exeter Meat Products
Exotic Chips
Farmer Peanuts
FOCO Juices
Foojoy Teas
Formosa Meat and Jerky Products
Garden Wafers
Gina Juices
Golden Dragon Cookies
Golden Mountain Products
Goldilock's Bakery & Ice Cream Products
Grace Products
Hanson Noodle Products
Har Har Sauces
Healthy Boy Sauces
Hello Panda Snacks
Hinoichi Tofu
Huy Fong Chili Sauces
Hyochun Noodles
Ichiban Tofu
Indo Foods Mixes
Indomie Noodles
Isla Snack Products
Jack and Jill Snack Products
Jufran Banana Sauces
Kadoya Sesame Oil
Kamayan Bagoong Products
Kawan Pastry
Khong Guan Cookies
Kikkoman Sauces
Kim Lan Sauces
Knorr Products
Kokoho Rice
Koon Chun Sauces
Kung Fu Noodles
Lan Chi Products
Lauriat Soys
Lee Kum Kee Products
Leony's Products
Leslie's Snacks
Ligo Sardines
Lily Frozen Products
Lingayen Bagoong
Lobo Mixed
Longevity Condensed Milk
Lucky Me Instant Noodles
M.Y. San Crackes
M-150 Energy Drinks
Maaza Juices
Mae Ploy Seasoning and Sauces
Maesri Curries
Maggi Seasonings
Magnolia Ice Cream
Maling Vegetable Products
Mama Noodles
Mama Sita Products
Mang Tomas Sauces
Manila Gold Juices
Marca Pina Soys
Marco Polo Snack
Marie Sharp's Hot Sauces
Partin Purefoods Meat Products
Marukan Vinegars
Menlo Wrappers
Milo Drinks
Momokan Rice and Rice Vinegars
Mori-Nu Tofu
Mother's Best Marinades and Sauces
Mr. Brown's Coffee
My Shaldan Air Fresheners
Myojo Noodles
Nagaraya Snacks
Nestle Products
Nishiki Rice
Nissin Noodles
Noh Seasoning Mixes
Nong Shim Noodles
Oriental Kitchen
Oriental Mascot Frozen Products
Orientex Lumpia and Meats
O'Tasty Pastry Skins, Pastries and Potstickers
Pacific Isles Frozen Products
Paldo Noodles and Drinks
Palm Meat Products
Panama Mixes
Pampanga Meat Products
Pampanguena Meat Products
Panko Bread Crumbs
Pantainorasingh Sauces
Peak Products
Phoenix Frozen Tofu Products
Pickapeppa Sauces
Prime Food Dumpling
Riceland Rice Products
Rosan Frozen Products
Royal Umbrella Rice
Sapporo Ichiban Noodles
Silver Swan Sauces
Simex Lumpia Wrapper
Squid Fish Sauce
Sriracha Chili Products
Szechuan Bean Sauce Products
Tasty Joy Products
Tay Ho Meat Products
TCC Products
Three Ballerina Teas
Three Crabs Fish Sauce
Three Horses Jasmine Rice
Three Rabbits Sweet Rice
Titus Fish Products
Triple Leaf Teas
Trojan Tapioca Bubble Tea Products
Tropical Rhythms Drinks
Tung-I Noodle Products
Turo Turo Gourmet BBQ
Twin Dragon Pastry Skins
Twin Marquis Noodle Products
TYJ (Tee Yih Jih) Pastry Skins
UFC Products
Venus Products
Viet My Products
Vita Malt Drinks
Wah King Noodles
Wai Wai Noodles
Walkerswood Sauces
Way Fong Frozen Dumplings
White King Seasoning Mixed
Wing Wing Meat Products
Woomtree Mixes
Yan Yan Snacks
Yeo's Drinks



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